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About us

Our Philosophy and our Goal

Soudabella was created in 2016. We have a keen interest in fashion and design and enjoy working with small Italian leather manufacturers who bring these together so successfully. Their knowledge is not only rooted in a long tradition of craftsmanship but is also combined with a focus on innovation and style. Italy is famous for its traditional craftsmanship and is a world leader in the production of unique leather handbags and accessories. Today, this knowledge remains a valuable asset in an increasingly globalized market. While the latter is flooded with low-quality products and materials of questionable origin, Soudabella designs and produces exclusively with manufacturers who uphold and celebrate this fine artisanal tradition.

The proven knowledge and experience of the leather craftsmen involved in the production of Soudabella designs is vital to us. We place an emphasis on the creation of unique leather goods where every detail is exquisitely finished off to create a beautiful piece that will bring you pleasure over the years. As a family-run business, we aim to support those family businesses that uphold wonderful traditional craftsmanship with an eye for detail. Central to our Philosophy is bringing quality items to our customers. We design and produce individual and unique collections of handcrafted bags and accessories for both day and evening wear at competitive prices. Recognizing the strength of traditional Italian leather craftsmanship, Soudabella's goal is to present its treasures to those in search of superbly made and authentic pieces.