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Conditions of Use

ENGLISH VERION [Translated with Google Translate]

§ 1 Scope and business purpose  
§ 2 Terms  
§ 3 Conclusion of contract  
§ 4 Instruction on the right of withdrawal  
§ 5 Information on the online ordering process  
§ 6 completion of the supply; Delivery times; Risk  
§ 7 Retention of title  
§ 8 Prices and shipping costs  
§ 9 Payment methods and conditions  
§ 10 late payment  
§ 11 deficiencies  
§ 12 Liability  
§ 13 Final Provisions


. The legal requirement information within the meaning of Article 246a § 1 EGBGB see in the following paragraphs:

- Cancellation velvet model withdrawal form: § 4 
- statutory warranty rights: §11und § 12 
- Payment: § 9 
- Delivery: §6



§ 1 Scope and business purpose

  1.      SOUDABELLA Unternehmergesellschaft (hereinafter "SOUDABELLA" or "provider") provides a variety of products (including handbags and accessories) the convenience of instantly buying.
  2.      These terms and conditions apply to all our deliveries and services (hereinafter "delivery") to our customers. They apply exclusively; contrary to or deviating from our Terms and Conditions or the regulations and conditions of the customer we do not recognize, unless we have expressly agreed in writing to their validity.



§ 2 Terms of Use

  1.      Prerequisite for the use of the offers on our domains (hereinafter: "Domains") is the proper registration of the Internet address of each domain and the activation of an account. Here, you are responsible for the customer, truthful and complete information.
  2.      We are not obliged to accept the registration or the appointment of a registered customer.Likewise, we are not obliged to keep our offer permanently available. Confirmed orders remain unaffected.
  3.      We do not offer registration for minors or other limited legal capacity or legally incompetent persons. Furthermore, a registration is only possible for natural persons.
  4.      You are obliged to immediately notify any changes of information that has been requested during the registration at the next use of the respective domain.
  5.      If during the registration incomplete or truthful statements made or omitted the display of changes, so we can exclude with immediate effect by the use of our domains.
  6.      You are obliged to treat your personal login information confidential and to this any unauthorized third parties.





§ 3 Conclusion of contract


The presentation of goods on our domain is not a binding offer of the supplier to conclude a contract. Our offers are non-binding. A contract is formed by your order and our acceptance. A binding order for the goods contained in the basket is made by electronic submission of the completed online order form on the internet store.

We acknowledge receipt of the order by sending a confirmation e-mail.

We are not obliged to accept orders online. The decision is in our sole discretion. Basically, the delivery of products takes place only in small amounts.



§ 4 Instruction on the right of withdrawal






You have the right to withdraw within fourteen days without giving a reason this contract.


The withdrawal period is fourteen days from the date on which you or a representative from your third party who is not carrier, the last goods have taken possession of or has.


To exercise your right, you have to



Matterhorn Strasse 62

D-14129 Berlin


Tel: +49 (0) 15140245102


by way of unambiguous statement (eg a consigned by post mail, fax or e-mail) of your decision to withdraw from this contract, inform. You can sure use the attached model withdrawal form, which is not mandatory, however.


To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient that you send your communication concerning the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period.


consequences of Withdrawal


If you withdraw from this contract, we will reimburse all payments we have received from you, including the costs of supply (with the exception of the additional costs arising from the fact that you have chosen a type of delivery other than that offered by us, cheapest Standard have), and repay immediately latest within fourteen days from the date on which the notification has been received about your cancellation of this contract with us. For this repayment, we use the same method of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless you explicitly agreed otherwise; in any case you will be charged fees for this repayment.


We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the returned goods back, or until you have demonstrated that you have returned the goods, whichever is the earlier.


You have to return the goods immediately and in any event not later than fourteen days from the date on which you inform us of any cancellation of this contract to us or passed. The deadline is met if you send the goods before the period of fourteen days.


We do not bear the cost of returning the goods.


You only need to pay for any diminished value of the goods, where the value loss is due to a necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods handling.


Model withdrawal form


(If you want to cancel the contract, please fill out this form and send it back.)


- At



Matterhorn Strasse 62

D-14129 Berlin


Tel: +49 (0) 15140245102



- Hereby give notice (s) I / We (*) withdraw from my / our (*) contract entered into for the purchase of the following products (*) / provision of the following services (*)

- Ordered on (*) / received on (*)

- Name / consumer (s)

- Address of the / consumer (s)

- Signature of / consumer (s) (only with message on paper)

- date


(*) Delete as appropriate.


§ 5 Information on the online order process


The time available for the contract language is German iA. The contract will not be saved with online orders from us. You can check this example using the print function of your browser, secure by screenshot or converting the treaty text in a PDF format. The registration and order data (item, quantity, price, payment, billing & delivery address, order date) will be ( "My account") stored in your personal account. About your login information, you always have access to your account and thus the possibility of printing orders with all entered data. With regard to the handling of all customer data is made to the separate privacy policies.


§ 6 completion of the supply; Delivery times; Risk


The delivery of the goods by SOUDABELLA or by an official designated by us delivery partner.

Delivery times, which have not been expressly stated as binding are exclusively non-binding.

Do we have the goods from a supplier based (a congruent covering transaction) and we are left from our suppliers in the lurch, we can, as far as we are not responsible for a resulting impediment, withdraw from the contract.

You can, without prejudice to other conditions, only to rescind the contract due to delayed delivery if we are responsible for this delay.

In the case of force majeure and other unforeseeable, extraordinary and involuntary events - for example, difficulties in procuring materials or disruption of not only temporary, strikes, lockouts, lack of transport, official interventions, energy supply difficulties, etc., even if these occur at suppliers - if we are thereby prevented from timely fulfillment of our obligation to delivery to a reasonable extent. If delivery is impossible or unreasonable due to the circumstances, we can withdraw from the contract. The same right you have when you see a continuation of the contract can not be expected. The aforementioned circumstances however, we will only claim if you have been notified immediately.

We are, if you reasonably entitled to partial deliveries.

The risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration passes with the handing over of the goods to you. The handover is the same, if it is in default of acceptance. Come in default of acceptance, we are entitled to demand compensation for the damage caused, provided you is responsible for the default of acceptance.


§ 7 Retention of title


Until full payment of the purchase price or until payment of the final purchase price installment the goods remain the property of the claim holder. Contingent Deferred due to the payment of the full purchase price, the ownership of the goods is automatically transferred to the customer. Until then, it is an entitlement to on transfer of ownership.

Before transfer of ownership is a pledge, security transfer, transformation or any other is the reserved property endangering available not permitted without consent of the owner. If an article is seized or impounded, the customer must report this immediately in writing. Furthermore, the customer is obliged to inform the third party's sole discretion, that containing those items owned by SOUDABELLA or the claim holder.


§ 8 Prices and shipping costs


There are the prices quoted in the offer at the time of order. Provided that the price agreement otherwise, our prices do not include shipping costs are "ex works". Shipping costs are shown separately. The shipment in the countries each offered is free of charge. We shall return from Switzerland is chargeable to the local prices. Chargeable returns to the customer and are not covered by SOUDABELLA. Our prices include the current at the time of invoicing sales tax. Shipping fees are due at the purchase price.



§ 9 Payment methods and conditions


Basically, we offer the possibility of an immediate purchase. There are available as payment credit card payments, PayPal and Amazon Payment.

Depending on the payment method, you authorize SOUDABELLA, give us the right to charge the amounts due to your stored credit card. As far as the payment of the purchase price over the direct debit or credit card payment is made, the handling of mandates or the stress law is a prerequisite for the purchase.

Offsetting and retention will only be paid out when your counterclaims have been legally established, undisputed or acknowledged by us. Incidentally you withhold is to also apply if your counterclaim is based on the same contract and is proportionate to our claim.                              





§ 10 late payment


In case of default we have default interest at the statutory rate (§ 288 BGB); the assertion of further damages, especially the cost of administrative and bank fees and costs of legal proceedings is reserved.



§ 11 Defects


It is the statutory warranty rights than those referred to in § 13 and § 14 provisions.

If the goods at the time of transfer of risk to a shortage, we will provide supplementary performance at our discretion by repair or replacement.

Fulfillment of remedy is the business location of SOUDABELLA. SOUDABELLA is to reimburse transport costs, which is incurred as expenses for the remedy is not obliged, to the extent these costs are increased because the goods were later transported to a place other than the place of receipt.

If the subsequent performance fails you have the right to reduce or to cancel the contract of your choice under the legal conditions. Claims for damages due to defects subsequent § 14. Further claims by the customer shall be excluded.

Repair or replacement performed by SOUDABELLA basically a gesture of goodwill and without acknowledging any legal obligation. An acknowledgment with the result of a new beginning of the period of limitation is only present if SOUDABELLA expressly declared to the customer. With the exception of an explicit declared acknowledgment starts with repair or replacement any new prescription. A waiver of statutory warranty rights is not associated.

With any agreements regarding the goods SOUDABELLA makes no guarantees or other risk characteristics in the legal sense.

Warranty claims are excluded for damage arising after the transfer of risk due to improper or negligent handling, excessive or inappropriate stress or natural wear and tear of the goods, provided that they were not caused by SOUDABELLA.




§ 12 Liability


We are not liable for damages and expenses, for whatever legal reason, especially not for damages due to defects, other breaches of duty or tort. Excluded are damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health, which we are responsible, and any other damages, which are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by us or one of our guarantees. Are also excluded the damages for which we are liable under the Product Liability Act, or due to a culpable breach of contract.Material contractual obligations are in particular those whose fulfillment of the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on whose observance the customer regularly relies and may rely.However, our liability for breach of contract is limited to the predictable, typically occurring damage, unless we are not liable for intent or gross negligence, injury to life, limb or health or according to the Product Liability Act.

The data communication via the Internet can not be guaranteed error free and / or available at any time after the current state of technology. SOUDABELLA shall not be liable for the continuous and uninterrupted availability of the online shop, nor for technical and electronic errors during a checkout process, on the SOUDABELLA has no influence. If links are created to other websites or resources SOUDABELLA is not responsible or liable for the availability of such external sites or resources. SOUDABELLA makes content accessible on such sites or sources its own and excludes any liability or warranty with respect to this from, applicable in a particular case, there is no positive knowledge of the illegality of the content.

The breach of duty by our legal representatives or our agents is a breach of duty by us equal. Insofar as our liability according to § 14.1 and § 14.2 is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of our legal representatives and agents.

A change in the burden of proof is not connected with the above provisions.



§ 13 Final Provisions


The contract is subject to German law excluding the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (UN Sales Convention / CISG).

If the customer is transferred to his place of residence or habitual residence abroad, or his domicile or habitual residence at the time of the judicial enforcement of our claims is unknown, our registered office is jurisdiction.

Insofar as nothing else goes out of the contract, our registered office is fulfillment.

If individual provisions are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.