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Zwei-Wege-Übersetzer mit KI Technologie

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Two-Way electronic language Translator with AI Technology in 74 Languages - Pocketalk

Pocketalk: The new generation of translators with AI technology
- Two-way translator with artificial intelligence: Pocketalk language translator hears what you say, translates it into the desired language in real time and plays the translated content over its speaker. Your interlocutor can then speak in his language and Pocketalk will translate it back for you.
- Instant translation of long sentences, fast and accurate, accuracy of 99%, reaction time in milliseconds
- Synchronous translation into 74 languages: German, Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Romanian, Tamil, Greek, Portuguese, Slovak, Catalan, Norwegian, Italian, Finnish, Hungarian, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Turkish, Hindi, Slovenian Polish, Czech, Hebrew, Taiwanese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Thai and many other languages
- The best gift for you to travel abroad, for your parents to overcome the language barrier and for your children to learn new languages!
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